A practice that involves reaching higher states of consciousness in order to perceive and interact with the vibrational world and channel these transcendental energies. This was a gift I became aware of after years of practice. A God Like – Self Realization is the most accurate I could describe it as, I understood that all this power is always been there waiting to be perceived. After I perceived mine, my mission was to be available to anyone to wanted to perceive theirs.

If you are curious enough to believe in anything, you have the power to be God  and feel like God … once that realization and perception is lived the power to fond in love even with the ‘’negative’’ emotions and feelings becomes real and extremely sweet, to create it and uncreate it, your perception will feel as powerful as creating and uncreating worlds.

Add-ons:  Yoga, Fire Spinning , Quartz Bowls & Didge Music also known as “didgeridoo harmonic therapy” is the application of sound generated by the didgeridoo over a person with the intention of producing healing results. It helps people to achieve healing results through principles ultrasound therapy, energetic entrainment and meditation through the production of tones that range from the ultra low inaudible of 0hertz to the 1000hertz

The tones of the didgeridoo effect the person or group on three primary levels.

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