danieljvega.com a display & practice that involves reaching higher states of consciousness in order to perceive and interact with the vibrational world and channel these transcendental energies. This is a gift you can become aware of, after a simple practice. A God Like – Self Realization is the most accurate I could describe it as, I understood that all this power has always been there waiting to be perceived. After perceiving it, its impossible to disconnect from it.

If you are curious enough to believe in anything, you have the power to be God  and feel like God … once that realization and perception is lived the power to fond in love even with the ‘’negative’’ emotions and feelings becomes real for the rest of your life, creating and removing emotions as you wish, your perception will will have no limits or boundaries.

I created this site, only after I got in touch with that side of me, all my work and all my emotions are here displayed, I absolutely had no interest in photography or spirituality before (but just to feel better and less stressed, I would practice yoga) Once I transcended every aspect in my life, and became aware and fell in love with the nothingness and unknown/mystery of life, that’s when my writing began.